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Bird Control on Offshore Equipment

  • BirdSpring installed on a pier

Offshore rigs, platforms, and substations are all a bird’s paradise for loafing and roosting. With so many birds taking advantage of the ideal perching locations, these structures are often covered in bird droppings. The unsafe environment creates a health and safety risk including bird disease and slip and fall risks for crews. Droppings are also highly corrosive, decreasing the longevity of critical equipment. Offshore bird control is easy with Birdzoff BirdSpring.

Crew Health and Safety Risks

Birds look for perching and nesting locations that give them a high vantage point. Birds that spend any amount of time perched on marine equipment will likely leave behind droppings. The accumulation of droppings mixed with the salt water environment creates a slimy and slippery coating on platform equipment. Medium to large birds will leave behind droppings between 15 and 20 times per 24 hours. Additionally, birds that use offshore infrastructure for hunting purposes leave behind leftovers of their kill including entrails and skeletal remains. These droppings and leftovers pose a significant slip and fall risk for employees navigating facilities.

A corroded railing offshore covered in bird droppings and seabirds

Equipment Damage

Not only are bird droppings toxic and dangerous to humans, but they also can cause serious damage to the materials they cover. Bird droppings contain a variety of chemicals that make them very difficult to clean up. The chemical components of bird droppings ensure that even the least corrosion-prone materials like marine-grade stainless steel are affected by the corrosive nature of the droppings. Additionally, accumulated droppings will increase the cost of maintenance and replacements over time. 

Birdzoff BirdSpring Prevents Bird Droppings

The BirdSpring, offered by Birdzoff, creates both a physical and visual barrier that prevents medium and large birds from perching on all types of platforms. The system works by establishing both a visually unappealing as well as physically unstable platform on which to perch by interfering with the dimensional space they need to occupy. The spring system has minimal wind and ice load and is activated by a perching attempt. Birdzoff calls it a jiggly, wiggly, wobbly system designed to withstand harsh weather conditions with worker safety in mind.

Birdzoff recommends that BirdSpring be installed on all locations on which a bird might perch except for active helipads and walkway floors. Offshore bird control doesn’t have to be a pain with Birdzoff.

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Birdzoff CEO Areanna Sabine Receives Award

April 1, 2021, The Emory Entrepreneur Network announced on their website March 31, 2021 that Areanna Sabine, Birdzoff CEO, was selected as the Student Entrepreneur of 2020. Sabine, a current Goizueta MBA candidate, recently stepped in as CEO of Birdzoff. Her career in Birdzoff began in 2007, when she co-designed its first Tower Guard system.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for this award,” said Sabine. “I’ve been preparing to assume the role as CEO at Birdzoff over the last 13 years. My Emory education, both in the College and at Goizueta, has provided me with the critical skills necessary to take over the family business.”

The award highlights Emory students who have excelled in their business ventures. Each year the Emory Entrepreneur Network hand picks alumni within a range of industries working to achieve significant growth in every aspect of their businesses. Over the next year, Sabine will take part in fireside chats and virtual events alongside the 11 other awardees.

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Birdzoff Announces Areanna Sabine as Chief Executive Officer

March 24, 2021, Birdzoff Inc., a prominent producer of industrial bird deterrents, recently announced that Areanna Sabine has been named as Chief Executive Officer. Gordy Sabine, owner and CEO for the past 30 years, will stay on as Chief Design Officer. He will continue to design and produce bird deterrents under the Birdzoff name.  

An environmental sciences major from Emory University, Sabine’s research background has prepared her to analyze bird perching and nesting characteristics and build a successful bird deterrent. Soon to graduate with an MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business school, Sabine is poised to take the business to new heights by revamping their marketing and digital presence.

“Areanna has been in this family business for years and is invested in the success of this company. She has her footing in the industry and knows the ins-and-outs of the bird control business; she already holds patents on our original designs,” said Gordy Sabine. “She’s the right woman for the job. Our designs have always been innovative. Now, our marketing will reflect this.”

“I’m incredibly excited to take on this new role, to build upon the trajectory Gordy has built, and for us to break barriers and become a female owned and operated organization,” said Areanna Sabine, new CEO and owner. 

“We pride ourselves on our customer service and work directly with our customers to address their bird control challenges and find lasting solutions,” Areanna continued. “Having a greater digital presence will help us to not only focus more on our customers’ needs, but also help us break further into the bird deterrent market.”

Sabine looks to accelerate this strategy throughout 2021. Birdzoff has already begun their expansion by redoing their website, This marks their first online press release. 

About Birdzoff: Since 1990, Birdzoff industrial bird control solutions has specialized in protecting industrial structures from problem birds such as ravens, ospreys, and hawks. Their newest product, Birdzoff BirdSpring, adds to their line of state-of-the-art Tower Guard products, the gold standard for keeping birds away from telecommunications towers. For more information about Birdzoff, as well as their full line of Tower Guard products, visit or follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook @birdzoff.

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