The Tower Guard family of devices humanely protects against bird perching with a two-tiered defense system. The post and cable system creates a visual barrier that alerts birds of an unfamiliar and unstable perch. With Tower Guard installed, the area becomes too small for medium to large birds to perch. This second physical barrier defeats any medium to large-sized bird’s attempt at perching on the Tower Guard system. Each system is uniquely designed to meet your bird control needs. Plus, our simple installation procedures are installer-approved.

Tower Guard protects railings, power poles, flat surfaces, industrial towers, instrument landing systems and more against perching of medium and large birds. This design is an excellent option for RF transparent needs, as all materials are non-metallic and non-conductive. Get a quote

bird control for cell towers

Plastic Tower Guard

With four mounting options and three height protection levels, the Plastic Tower Guard meets your specific bird control needs. The Plastic Tower Guard system is also easily removable and reinstallable for regular maintenance and is well-suited for areas with low to medium foot traffic. Get a quote

Metal Tower Guard

Metal Tower Guard is made to survive the toughest of environments while protecting your structures. The built-in, easy-install bracket is designed specifically for angle iron and makes installation quick and simple. Alternative attachment options permit applications to the edge of flat surfaces, light boxes/structures, railings, and more. Being the sturdiest of the Tower Guard family, the Metal Tower Guard is a great option when protecting against large birds and in climates with harsh weather. 

This system is best suited for protecting areas with little to no foot traffic. If maintenance is required, the system is easily removable and re-installable. Get a quote

Installation Kit includes:

  • V-Base Kit (12 ft.)
    • Includes four posts, bases and 30 feet of line (wire ties not included)
  • Flat-Base Kit (12 ft.)
    • Includes four posts, bases and 30 feet of line (twisted nails included)
  • Magnetic-Base Kit (12 ft.)
    • Includes four posts, bases and 30 feet of line


  • The Plastic Tower Guard posts: 14”