aviation bird deterrents

Airports have had a long history of bird strikes, both on the ground and in the air. Each situation needs to be addressed separately and with different Birdzoff solutions. Wildlife managers turn to Birdzoff bird deterrents to prevent perching and nesting. Birds commonly found at airports include gulls, osprey, hawks, ravens, other sea birds, starlings and sometimes eagles.

Birdzoff products currently prevent bird perching and nesting on railings, parapets, ILS equipment, antenna towers, directional signs, distance to go signs, weather stations, and lighting piers and platforms at airports around the country. Get your quote for aviation

Hydroelectric & Water Reclamation

hydroelectric and water bird control

Bird presence at hydroelectric and water reclamation facilities creates a dangerous working environment and contaminates water sources. Birds also frequently get caught in intake valves, blocking the system and causing costly delays. Birdzoff bird control keeps birds away from hydroelectric and water reclamation facilities by preventing perching and nesting.

Birds commonly found on hydroelectric and water reclamation structures include gulls, cormorants, osprey, hawks, and ravens. Birdzoff’s bird deterrents can prevent perching or nesting on railings, flat surfaces, and pilings. Get your quote for hydro

Oil and Gas

offshore bird control

Oil and Gas facilities are prime perching locations for birds, creating the need for constant maintenance and clean up. Bird droppings increase slip and fall safety issues, and can cost your business valuable time and money. 

Birds commonly found on oil and gas facilities include hawks and ravens- found only on onshore structures, and gulls, vultures, cormorants, osprey, and other sea-birds- found on both onshore and offshore structures.

The tower guard and BirdSpring will be very effective in keeping the areas clean from droppings and reduce maintenance costs. Get your quote for oil and gas


offshore bird deterrent

Port facilities provide many opportunities for birds to perch and nest on structures including docks, piers, boat landings, buoys, channel markers, and pilings. Birds also perch on ship railings and rooftops, which are prime lookout spots for food. Birdzoff bird deterrents effectively exclude perching and nesting opportunities from facilities around the country.

Birds commonly found on ports include gulls, cormorants, osprey, hawks, ravens, and vultures. Maintenance and clean up are a constant issue. Get a quote for your port


bird control for bridges and roadways

Birds commonly found on roadways and bridges include hawks, gulls, cormorants, osprey, ravens, and vultures. Birdzoff’s bird control products can prevent perching or nesting on lights, lighting systems, railings, I-beams, structural beams, tops of bridges, and tunnel entrances. Get your quote for roadways


bird wire deterrent for industrial

Birds commonly found on electric facilities include hawks, ravens, vultures, osprey, cormorants, condors, and eagles. Birdzoff products can prevent perching or nesting on tops and corners of transmission towers as well as on horizontal beams. Get your quote for electric

Stadiums/Sports Facilities

Birds commonly found on stadium and sports facility structures include osprey, gulls, hawks, ravens, and vultures. Birdzoff products can prevent both perching or nesting on stadium lights, light boxes and structures. Get a quote for your sports facility


cell tower bird control

Birds commonly found on telecommunication structures include hawks, osprey, eagles, ravens, vultures, and condors.

Birdzoff products can prevent both perching and nesting on tower areas including tops and platforms, railings, horizontal beams, antenna pipes and arms, and flanges. Get your quote for telecom