Birdzoff Pyramid is a device designed to obstruct large birds, specifically bald eagles and osprey, from perching and nesting on top of telecommunication towers. The device is extremely durable made with stainless steel mesh and frame, includes hot dipped galvanized hardware, and can be customized to fit on top of any tower. The Birdzoff Pyramid acts as a humane visual and physical deterrent, deflecting sticks from building up in an area with its steep angled sides. Get a quote

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Birdzoff Pyramid

With minimal wind/ice load and industrial-strength materials, the Birdzoff Pyramid is ideal for any environment. To further obstruct large birds from nesting on standoff arms, we offer an optional cable and clip system that is easily removed and reinstalled for maintenance.

The Birdzoff Pyramid protects tops of communication towers by preventing large birds from nesting.