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Birdzoff is an experienced player in the bird control industry and offers a variety of products to keep areas bird-free, such as physical and visual bird deterrents. We are experts in the field so we understand both conventional and modern bird control products. We have provided our services to a large number of customers, and many companies trust us for keeping birds away from their industrial and commercial facilities. Conventional bird control products like nets and bird control spikes often do not stand up to the industrial bird problems, so we have designed our own innovative solutions. 

Birdzoff bird deterrent product Arc Nemesis

Arc Nemesis

The Birdzoff Arc Nemesis offers protection for small, hard to reach structures against large birds in climates with harsh weather.


The Birdzoff BirdSpring provides durable, industrial-grade protection against medium and large birds on railings or flat surfaces.


The Birdzoff BirdTilt protects flat surfaces and airport runway directional signs against small, medium, and large birds.


The Birdzoff Pyramid keeps large birds from nesting on towers in any environment with minimal wind/ice load.


The Birdzoff Tower Guard protects railings, power poles, flat surfaces, industrial towers, instrument landing systems from birds

Why it is Important to Protect Properties from Birds

Birds can cause many issues, including production or maintenance delays due to active nests, as well as slip and fall risks, health hazards, and property damage from their droppings. Beyond the slippery surface they create, bird droppings also carry parasites and diseases that can be transmitted to humans. It may help to install bird control products to prevent unsafe and costly conditions on commercial and industrial properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bird control products should humanely interfere with bird activity that compromises the health, safety, and functioning of man-made structures or their ability to be maintained. Bird control products keep both humans and birds safe from one another.

Exclusion netting is a type of bird deterrent that is commonly used to prevent small birds from roosting or nesting in certain areas. While exclusion netting can be effective in some situations, it is not always the best option. At Birdzoff, we offer a range of products that are not alternatives to netting, as they are designed to address different bird problems.

The first step in selecting a bird deterrent is identifying the bird species causing the issue. This information will help determine the appropriate size and type of deterrent needed to discourage the birds’ unwanted behavior. It’s also important to distinguish between perching and nesting issues, as different deterrents are used for each situation. Perching deterrents typically use physical and visual elements to prevent birds from establishing a perch, while nesting deterrents deflect sticks or create shapes to discourage nest building.

Bird deterrents can also target various senses, including visual, physical, auditory, olfactory, and taste. Visual and physical deterrents are the most effective, followed by olfactory options. Auditory deterrents may work initially, but birds can become accustomed to them over time. If you’re dealing with medium to large birds perching or nesting on industrial infrastructure, consider Birdzoff, which specializes in physical and visual bird deterrents products.

The cost of bird control services can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of bird, the structure, and the environment. For smaller bird control jobs, Birdzoff typically offers a single tier of bird control at a quoted price. However, for larger jobs and areas requiring more extensive protection, Birdzoff offers up to three tiers of bird control solutions, with each tier increasing the project’s cost.

Additional tiers may include recommendations for bird deterrents or deterring solutions that extend beyond the initial exclusion area. If you’re interested in learning more about our bird control services and products, contact us to receive a free consultation and explore our offerings.

Birdzoff deterrents are specifically designed with ease of install, durability, and efficacy in mind.

All of the main components of Birdzoff products are made with either 316 stainless steel, ASA plastic, or fiberglass. Additional components such as attachments and connections are made with the highest UV rated material.

Gordy, our chief design officer, has been designing bird deterrents for over 30 years. Our team has worked with US Fish and Wildlife Services, USDA Wildlife Biologists, Smithsonian Natural History Museum Preservationists, materials experts, and installers in all industries to design the most effective, durable, and easy to install deterrents.

Commercial Bird Control

We understand that every business is unique and has its own set of challenges when it comes to keeping birds away. That’s why we tailor our bird control methods and products to fit each client’s specific needs. Our team is always working to come up with innovative solutions that will keep birds from causing trouble at commercial facilities. Depending on the situation, we might recommend using one or more bird deterrent methods to make sure the area stays bird-free:

We provide some of the best bird deterrent products out there. For example, bird control products like BirdSpring and TowerGuard. In addition, we provide installation guides and on-call support. Birdzoff also devises various solutions based on client requirements and according to the problems areas.

small birds sitting on railing

Why is Bird Control Required for Businesses?

Medium/large birds may cause many issues for businesses, such as:

The presence of birds in business facilities can negatively impact the perception of businesses. Birds may roost and nest on the companies’ signs and in other structures around the facilities. Also, birds may leave behind feathers and droppings around the business properties potentially spreading adverse diseases and ruin the reputation of brands.

Our bird control company provides bird control products, such as visual and physical bird deterrents.

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