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Birdzoff BirdSpring

One of the best bird control companies in the world to protect railings and flat surfaces against medium and large size birds perching and roosting for offshore and onshore wind.


Industrial Bird Control

Birdzoff has been involved in the business of bird control for over 30 years. Many companies trust us to keep birds off their industry areas.


Innovative Bird Deterrents

Birdzoff is a bird control company with specialists who have great experience and valuable skills. We use humane bird deterrents for the purpose of bird control.

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    About Birdzoff


    Birdzoff recognizes that birds of prey and other pest birds are not only a nuisance but also a hazard for your industrial facilities. Our bird control and nest deterrent products work effectively- saving you time and money and improving worker safety. That’s why for 30 years industry leaders have trusted us to create state-of-the-art solutions for the toughest of industrial bird control problems.

    Worker health and safety, efficient installation, durability, and customer service are our top priorities of our company. We take pride in providing high-quality bird deterrents that will stand up to hostile environments and last for years.

    We are a woman-owned bird control company that assembles all our products in the USA. Manufactured with materials meeting or exceeding industry standards, our bird control designs aren’t just innovative – they’re backed with extensive scientific research and field testing. We work closely with installers to ensure that our products are not only functional but also easily installable and removable. Plus, our humane bird deterrents comply with the MBTA and all additional regulations that protect birds.

    We are here to help. Our bird control experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that our bird deterrents are correctly selected, properly installed, and successfully improve your business operations.

    Our Services

    Tower Guard designs - Birdzoff BirdSpring


    With skillful tactics and effective products for bird removal, we provide services to keep facilities and properties bird-free and nest-free.

    Birdzoff BirdSpring for offshore bird control

    We have various types of conventional and modern bird deterrent products. We also come up with new solutions as per requirements.

    oil and gas industry bird control services

    We use humane bird deterrents for bird control from Industrial spaces. We work with specialists who have great experience for the installation of bird deterrents.

    Don't settle for cookie-cutter bird deterrents.

    When it comes to selecting a bird control solution, the species of the bird is a crucial consideration. Each species of bird will present different challenges; this is something that the seasoned experts at Birdzoff know all too well. We recognize that dealing with larger birds requires a different approach than tackling smaller species. Our goal at Birdzoff is to provide products and services that directly resolve to your bird issues. It is easy to get lost in the long list of conventional bird deterrents and choose one that does not apply to your specific issue. That’s why it’s crucial to work with professionals who have the knowledge and experience to manage bird issues effectively.
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    Our Process

    We follow the best processes and install deterrent products after nest removal to keep the bird away from your premises and avoid hazardous situations. Our products are tailored to different Industries.


    Bird Control Products

    We have various types of conventional and modern products for bird control. According to the area and bird species, we use bird deterrents that would work well.


    Bird Control Solutions

    Based on various factors such as bird species and affected areas, we design and come up with products that can be used to keep facilities nest-free and bird-free.


    Bird Deterrent Installation

    We work with specialists who have great skills for the installation of bird deterrents. We provide and use deterrents that are easy to install and take off.

    Reliable Products
    Exceptional Results.

    With over 30 years of experience, Birdzoff’s bird control experts are here to help identify your needs and provide you with the best bird deterrents on the market.

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    Our Team

    Our team at Birdzoff have a lifetime worth of experience in the Industry working with different clients and Industries helping implement Bird Control measures and bird control devices to get the best professional service to keep most medium and large sized birds of the premises.

    Areanna Sabine CEO of Birdzoff

    Areanna Sabine


    Gordy Sabine Founder and president

    Gordy Sabine

    Founder & President

    Nina Fechser marketing and sales head

    Nina Fechser

    Marketing & Sales

    Frequently Asked Questions

    An expert who isn’t afraid of thinking outside the box. Excellent bird control providers won’t sell you on products that don’t work or only work for a short period of time. Look for providers who make the effort to find the best solution(s) for your specific situation.

    Birdzoff offers specific consulting for the customer who is working with medium to large birds in industrial settings. We can offer both preventative and reactive solutions to keep birds from perching, starting nests, or returning to previous sites to nest. We work with all people on your team to ensure you are receiving a solution that is easy to install, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

    Furthermore, we will also help our customers assess why birds have chosen their perching or nesting site to identify additional actions the customer can take to further prevent birds from returning.

    Birdzoff offers nesting and perching deterrents. We at Birdzoff have found that most birds will perch on a desired area before they nest. That is why we have state-of-the-art perching deterrents that prevent them from taking the first steps to scout a nesting site. In cases where birds have already nested, we offer nest deterrents that prevent the return of the birds.

    All Birdzoff products are humane. The deterrents function by visually and physically identifying themselves as unsafe and inconvenient for birds to interact with. Most medium and large birds will look at the false perch our products present and decide not to attempt landing to preserve their limited energy.

    We accept credit cards, ACH transfers, and checks.

    Condors, Cormorants, Eagles, Ospreys, Hawks, Gulls (seagulls), Ravens, Vultures

    Gordy, our chief design officer, has been designing bird deterrents for over 30 years. Our team has worked with US Fish and Wildlife Services, USDA Wildlife Biologists, Smithsonian Natural History Museum Preservationists, materials experts, and installers in all industries to design the most effective, durable, and easy to install deterrents.

    Our materials exceed the quality requirements in most industries. We use exclusively 316 stainless steel, plastic, cord, and fiberglass materials with the highest UV ratings, and weather test all materials. Birdzoff deterrent guarantees vary depending on the physical environment, bird type, and use case for each customer. Birdzoff offers real-time installation assistance via video or phone call in addition to written and pre-recorded install instructions. Many of our designs are intended to be removable and replaceable. Reinstalling deterrents must be done with the same attention to detail that was taken as recommended during the initial installation.

    The cost of bird control services depends on the type of bird, structure, and environment. For smaller jobs, customers can expect Birdzoff to quote a single tier of bird control. As jobs and areas to be protected increase, Birdzoff will offer up to three tiers of bird control solutions. Additional tiers may include recommendations for deterrents or deterring solutions that may fall outside the area initially requested to be excluded. Each tier will increase the cost of the project. Inquire within to receive a free consultation and explore product offerings.

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